Creamy letter hunting activity

With all this cold weather we thought it would be a good time to give you some fun ideas for activities to do at home that may help your child in school. One of our favorite learning activities is to get everyone in their bathing suits and put them in the shower with a big plastic bowl filled with cheap shaving cream and lots of plastic letters.

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Columbus Day Travel Plan

Most schools are closed on Monday, October 14 in observance of Columbus Day. We at Reading Friends are no different. While spending the day at home, help your little one learn about this special holiday and amazing man with this fun Travel Plan activity.
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Fourth of July Morning Fun!

We always love opportunities to have some messy, educational fun with your kids. For a Patriotic morning, try this yummy treat.


Make waffles and spread whipped cream over the top. Put the children at the table with their waffles, a bowl of blueberries, a bowl of sliced strawberries, an a picture of the American flag. Tell them to try to make a flag on their waffle using what they have at the table. This would be a fun time to talk about independence day and what that means. It is such a great thing to live in a country that values freedom, pass that appreciation on to your little ones!

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Are We There Yet?


It’s that time of year again! Family vacation. As much as we look forward to the week-long break from hectic lift, we dread the to and from part of it. To make your vacation a little more enjoyable, we wanted to share some of our tips on how to survive family car trips. Read more.

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Jag and the Jingle Bells – Jamaroo Book

Jag and the Jingle bells

We’re excited to announce that the second Jamaroos Book is now available for your iPad in the iTunes store.
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Outdoor Fun for Kids

The weather is now officially warm – well at least this week it is! We thought we’d share three of our favorite outside activities. And we’d love for you to share yours too!

1. Bucket of Flowers



2. Float or Sink? A Water Game.








3. Homemade Bubbles










What are you planning to play with your kids outside this weekend? Please comment and share!

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Z is for Zap – iPhone and iPad app


Those of you who have children at Reading Friends are likely familiar with our Jungle friends. These jungle friends help our children learn to read.  Because we wanted to be able to teach more children than the walls of our schools allowed, the idea for iPad and iPhone apps were born.  This 26 book/app series begins with Zap and the No Fly Zone.


In this story, the flies are driving Zap the Zebra crazy. Kids can follow Zap as he visits some of the Jamaroos Jungle animals to get advice on how to get rid of them. They can play along with the buggy flies and meet some of the jungle friends. Your children will love listening and interacting with the story – then taking their turn at being the narrator!

The app is available in the iTunes store.  To keep up with Zap the Zeebra and all his Jamaroo friends, like them on Facebook.

We’d love to hear what you think about the books. Please comment and let us know!

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