Free time is quality time!

So many parents wonder what they should be doing with their children at home. As a society we have gotten away from free time and playing. I believe children need down time at home. They need to go outside and play, and play hard. They need to get dirty and know that bumps and bruises are okay. Children need to go with their parents to the grocery store, the cleaners, and other ordinary things. These errands are a great time for language development with car discussion about the things you have already done and talk about what things you have left on your list of things to do.

Much like you, if you have to bring your work home, it makes the work day even less fun. If children are having to do school work at home, it makes it less interesting and fun to do their work at school. Unless the school has asked for at home help with something, you don’t need to. Let them be a normal 2, 3, 4, or 5 year old who loves the sunshine and grass.

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