Rip, Snip, Cut

Have you ever noticed that no matter how well you have hidden the scissors, your three-year old can find them with ease?  Using them with ease is another story! Try these three progressive steps to help your child ease into expert cutting status.

1. Rip. No scissors required.  Fill an old box, tub, or an inflatable pool with various types of medium.  Encourage your child to get in and rip away!  Note the difference between “pulling” the medium apart and actually ripping, where the hands are working together in opposite directions to rip the medium apart.

2. Snip. Place colored tape on the thumb hole of the scissors.  Put a coordinating dot on the child’s thumb.  Have them match up the dots.  Practice an open/close snip on various types of medium.  Remember, a snip is just a single cut.

3. Cut. Continue to color-code scissors if needed.  To help your child with control and positioning place a toilet paper roll underneath their cutting arm while cutting.  Holding the toilet paper roll under their arm will keep their arm at their side.  Encourage your child to cut using various medium.  Work up to cutting on lines.  That’s the finish line for your young cutter!

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