Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

Kids Valentines FunValentine’s Day is fun for children of all ages!  Truly the exchange of valentines may be the most fun.  However, there is always room for a game of two.  Here’s a series of some Valentine’s activities that you can play with your kiddos at home.

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are good for all ages and can be done anywhere – inside at home, in the backyard, at the park, etc.  Remember to make the clues age appropriate and use pictures if your children are too young to read.  This also gives the children a chance to focus on something other than all the sweets. While there are many ways you can conduct a scavenger hunt, here’s a way to incorporate Valentine’s Day:

1) Find 6 locations/items throughout your home that would be fun and easy for your child to find.  Decide the order you’d like your child to find each item. Either take pictures or draw a picture of each item.

2) Leave a heart sticker (still with paper backing en tacked) and next clue on each item. If there a multiple children playing, you may want to use color-coded envelopes to make sure everyone gets a clue and a sticker.

3) Draw 6 hearts on one side of an index card. Place the first clue on the other side.

4) Give every child participating (or teams) an index card.  Explain how they are to look for the item on the card, and when they find it, they can place a sticker on one of the drawn hearts on the index card.  And explain they will have to find  6 items – or until all the heart stickers have been placed on their index card.

5) Once the children fill up their card with stickers, they can receive a special prize. Make sure there’s a prize for everyone playing. Can be as simple as a small can of play dough, a paper sack with small goodies, etc.

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