Fun with Chores!

With the temperatures warming, we are eager to pack up the sweaters, open the windows and do a little spring cleaning.  While this annual ritual can be good for the soul, it can also require patience and creativity, when a little voice says “Can I help you?”  Yes, it would be much easier and quicker if you didn’t have someone underfoot, but with just a little effort, you and your preschooler can have fun, learn valuable lessons and do a little bit of cleaning in the process.

So go ahead, let your child get involved in chores that are appropriate for his or her age. Some preschool appropriate chores include:

– Dusting. You can give them a sock to wear on their hand and let them dust furniture within reach.

– Feeding Pets. You could create a fill-line in the food bowl, then tell your child to fill the bowl with food until it reaches the line.
– Matching Socks. A good game of matching can be made by letting your child match their socks.

– Putting away laundry. After you fold the clothes, let your child carry their clothes to their bedroom and put them in the appropriate drawers.preschool_chores

– Clearing the table. Teach your child that they must put their dishes away (your choice: counter, sink, etc) before they can be dismissed and return to play.

– Making their bed. Teach your child to make their bed in the morning and after naps.

– Putting away toys. Help your child learn that if they play with something, then they are responsible for putting away their toys.

These are just a few ideas of ways that your preschooler can not only help you with today, but continue to do on a regular basis.  Start off with just one or two chores. Be sure to reward/praise them when they complete their tasks.  Sticker charts can be a fun way to track how well your child is doing with their chores.  A small allowance or prize at the end of the week if they earn all their stickers can also be fun.

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