A Bucket of Flowers

Spring is a great opportunity to have fun outdoors with your kids, while teaching them new things in the process.  Your little ones will have a blast digging in dirt and watching flowers grow with this activity.

What you’ll need:
Colorful plastic sand bucket
Flower seeds
Potting soil
Watering can

1) Poke holes in the bottom of your sand buckets so the water will be able to drain.
2) Give your little one their shovel and let them fill their bucket 3/4 of the way with the soil.

3) Let them sprinkle in the seeds and then place a little more dirt on top.

4) Be sure they give their little flower water to help it grow.

5) They can check on their little flower, water it every few days and watch it grow.

Children love having responsibilities and feeling important. Taking care of flowers and watching them grow is a great activity for achievement and self-confidence. So, go outside and enjoy getting dirty while creating these buckets of flowers!

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