Choosing a Summer Camp

Summer is a time for fun!! While kids definitely need the downtime, it’s good to consider a summer camp or two to keep your child learning, exploring and maintaining a bit of structure during the summer time – plus it’s good for mommy to have a break too!

When choosing a summer camp think about your child’s interests that are harder to do during the school year. Great examples of this are music, zoo school, museum school, dance, and art classes. These summer camps will give your child several hours focused solely on what they love best. In warm climates parents need to consider water safety. Swimming lessons and swim teams make your child safer in their world. In our area the high school boys and girls host day camps that are tons of fun!! Little kids love getting attention from big kids, and high school age kids are full of energy.  When looking into camps, check the leaders’s credentials and ask specific questions about supervision and the kid to leader ratio.

A lot of schools have summer programs for the younger children. Sending your child to summer camp at their preschool will keep them in their comfort zone so they can just have fun and not have to get used to a new space. Call around to the schools you are interested in to see if they have a summer program, it could help you find a future school home by familiarizing yourself with the campus, carpool, and staff. As usual for busy moms, so much of your decision will be about the hours. Don’t overbook yourself or your children. Your kids would have just as much fun blowing bubbles in the back yard with a relaxed mommy as they will at one of these super fun summer camps. Have fun with your babies!!!! Summer will be over before you know it and they will be back in the school routine.

Learn about Reading Friends Summer Camps.

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