Surviving Summer Car Trips!

Summer’s here and that means there are many car trips ahead. While this could turn into many hours of “Are we there yet?” – with a little planning, it could be a fun time for the whole family.

family summer car trip

The best advice I was ever given about car trips was to pack a picnic lunch and stop at a park. The kids get to run and play and can eat in the car, the parents get to stretch their legs, soak up some sun and enjoy lunch out of the car.

Another great idea is car scavenger hunts. Make a few lists of things to watch for.

Here is an example scavenger hunt list:

  • Wendy’s sign
  • Capital letter X
  • A Colorado license plate
  • An orange car
  • 2 animals
  • 5 birds
  • Yield Sign
  • Stop Sign
  • Find the number 7

You can find a list of road signs and see how many you can find, you can hunt for the alphabet in order and the numbers 1-100 in order.

Try humming your favorite song and let the others guess what song you are humming.

You can look up facts about the state where you are going and talk about the state bird, flower, capital, etc.

Coloring books are great and paint with water books are fun if your kids have cup holders.

A sticker book is fun so they can collect stickers from your stops on the way and while you are on vacation. This also gives them a specific place to stick the stickers.

Something that was wonderful for me when I was on the road with my potty training 3 year old was a potty for the car. He wouldn’t go to the bathroom on the ground, so I found a folding potty with disposable bags so that when he shouted from the back seat that he needed to potty we could just pull over and let him go. Asking a 3 year old to hold it until the next town may be asking too much.

These are some fun ideas to help make your car trip easier. We’d love for you to share your own tips and experiences in the comments below!

Good luck and have fun!

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