Father’s Day Crafts

Father’s Day is almost here. Need a gift idea? Here’s a couple unique Father’s Day crafts that your kids will love helping you make.

Sun Print Cards

There’s no denying it – summer’s here and it’s HOT in Texas! Take advantage of the summer sun with these cute Father’s Day Sun Print Cards.

Father's Day Card

Here’s what you need:

1) Construction paper
2) Cut out shapes or favorite objects
3) Restickable glue
4) Tape

Fold the construction paper into a card. Using the restickable glue, adhere the shapes to outside of the construction paper.  Tape the card in a window that receives a lot of sunlight. Cards often need close to a week to fade, but that will depend on the amount of sun exposure. Once faded, peel off the shapes to reveal the contrast.

Father’s Day Cutout Photo Frame

We are often looking for creative ways to make photo cards for Father’s Day. Here’s a unique idea dad will love displaying on his desk!

Here’s how you make the frame:

1) Download the DAD template here
2) Trace the DAD on a lightweight card stock and help your child cut it out.
3) Cut photos to fit the openings. You will want to make them a little larger than each opening.
4) Tape the photos in place
5) To make the frame stand up, bend open two paper clips and tape the small sides to the back of the frame.

We’d like to thank MarthaStewart.com for these great ideas. If you have your own Father’s Day craft ideas, comment here and share them with us!

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