Dressing for school

A few weeks ago, my daughter came out of the toy closet at her Nanay’s house wearing a lavender velour jasmine style top, light pink belly dancer pants with silver coins around the seams and announced, “this looks good.” For so many little girls, the reason they bound out of bed with a smile is the anticipation of picking out their FABULOUS outfit for the day. My little girl thinks no outfit is complete without a tutu and at least 2 clashing colors. My little boy would rather have no clothes because clothes make potty time take longer. For me, I don’t care what my sweet little girl wears, and there is not one grown up who thinks I put her in the pale yellow tutu, rainbow leggings, turquoise flowered toms, and red valentines t-shirt (which is what she has on at this very moment).

Because preschool is all about fun and learning, I try to have as few rules about dressing for school as possible… but there are a few that I feel are important:

  • The first rule is that everyone has to wear closed toed, closed back shoes with socks because bounce back in your shoe is no fun for anyone and flip flops are dangerous on the playground.
  • My second rule is that my little boy must have on elastic waist shorts or pants, so that going potty is easier. (Once your child is potty training it’s a good idea to dress them in clothes they can take on and off themselves, it makes potty time much more successful.)
  • I expect them to get messy. At school there is always the possibility of painting, they play outside, etc so we reserve special clothes for the weekends.

Just remember, a battle first thing in the morning over the pink skirt or the blue shorts is no fun for anyone, and not worth it most of the time. As you can imagine, little girls love to walk in and tell the teacher that they dressed themselves, and it is so cute and funny to see what they think “looks good.”

Do you have any rules or morning dressing sanity routines at your home? We’d love to hear about them!


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