4th of July Tambourines


What’s the 4th of July without a little music? 🙂  This tambourine is perfect for parades – whether they’re in your backyard or down the neighborhood.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 2 small Chinet paper plates

– Different kinds of ribbon in red, white and blue colors

– 6 small round bells

–  red and blue paint

– shaped sponges – stars, circles, etc

– hole punch

– red or blue curling ribbon


Turn the plates over so the bottoms are facing up. Let your kiddo dip the sponges in the red and blue paint and decorate the bottom of the plates. Set aside to dry.  While that’s drying, prepare the ribbons by cutting them into 4-5 inch strips. Punch 6 holes in the rims of the paper plates (you may need to mark them first to get them to line up because punching them together can be difficult). Once the paint is dry, place the plates together – bottoms out of course!  String a piece of curling ribbon through a bell and tie through one of the punched holes. Do this to all 6 holes. Then, get your colorful ribbon and tie knots in each of the 6 holes.  Now you’re done! Let the music begin.

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