Paper Mache Halloween Pumpkin

*Disclaimer this is messy but fun!! 🙂

Now that the weather is nice again, get outside and get messy with your kids making these paper mache pumpkins 🙂 To make paper mache paste, simply mix 1 part flour to 2 parts water. The paste should be the consistency of thick glue (slightly runny, not thick like paste). Add more water or flour to obtain the right consistency.

Take chicken wire and form into a small ball or the shape of a pumpkin. (A ballon works well, but ballons are not a good idea around young children).

To paper mache your object, tear newspaper into strips. The children will love to do this part. Dip strips into the paste, running through your fingers to squeeze off excess. Smooth the pasted newspaper strips over your form or object until covered. You may need to hold the form while the child puts the strips of paper mache on the form.

Let completely dry (24 hours) and repeat once or twice until sufficiently covered with paper mache (at least 2 layers, 2 days drying time is best).

Once dry, paint orange and let dry.

Then paint the face.

(suggestion: put the date on the bottom, and enjoy each year.)



  • Chicken wire
  • wire cutters
  • flour
  • water
  • newspaper

Orange, green & black paint and a paint brush

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