Learning with Hot Chocolate

We always look for learning opportunities with everything we do. Since the cold weather is here, we wanted to share this easy to make, super yummy hot chocolate recipe – and how to play learning games while you enjoy the hot chocolate with your child.

What you need:

– Sam’s/Costco size Nesquick
– Sam’s/Costco size coffee mate
– Sam’s/Costco size dry milk
– 1 lb powdered sugar
– large trash bag

– Chocolate Chips
– Any other favorite topping.

Take all dry ingredients and mix in a large trash bag.  Serving size is 1/4c per 8oz cup of water.

Melting Marshmallows:
Teach your child the concept of melting and how the combination of the heat and liquid causes the marshmallows to dissolve into the drink.

Counting Marshmallows:
Of course you can always count marshmallows and chocolate chips. Then as the toppings melt, talk about how many are gone and how many are left.

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