Mardi Gras Necklaces

Because fine motor is a skill that requires lots of different body parts to be working together in unison, it is also something that is always in need of practice. Stringing beads (or noodles) to make mardi gras necklaces is a great way to practice fine motor – as well as many other skills.

mardi gras noodle necklace

Here’s what you need:
– Penne pasta (or any pasta with a hole in the middle)
– Green and purple paint
– Gold spray paint (you could also use yellow paint if you don’t have spray paint)
– string

Have your kids help you divide the noodles into 3 equal batches. It’s a good opportunity to practice counting, more and less, addition and subtraction.

Then paint one group purple, gold and green. Once dry, practice patterns and have the kids string the colors in a certain order: purple, gold and green.

As one more gross motor game, once they are done wearing their necklaces, make a target with a bowl or pot and have the kids practice throwing their necklaces in the target.

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