Z is for Zap – iPhone and iPad app


Those of you who have children at Reading Friends are likely familiar with our Jungle friends. These jungle friends help our children learn to read.  Because we wanted to be able to teach more children than the walls of our schools allowed, the idea for iPad and iPhone apps were born.  This 26 book/app series begins with Zap and the No Fly Zone.


In this story, the flies are driving Zap the Zebra crazy. Kids can follow Zap as he visits some of the Jamaroos Jungle animals to get advice on how to get rid of them. They can play along with the buggy flies and meet some of the jungle friends. Your children will love listening and interacting with the story – then taking their turn at being the narrator!

The app is available in the iTunes store.  To keep up with Zap the Zeebra and all his Jamaroo friends, like them on Facebook.

We’d love to hear what you think about the books. Please comment and let us know!

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